Suicide is a taboo subject and there’s a lot of misunderstanding about the reasons for it. I’ve read a few books, and some are more helpful than others. Psychache is a term that has been given to describe the psychological state of those who commit suicide. It can be described as extreme mental distress, with overwhelming feelings of fear, despair, hopelessness, inadequacy and emptiness. There are many different reasons for what leads to this state.

A common misunderstanding ist that suicidal people don’t feel loved and cared for by other people, are unable to relate socially to other people and are lost losers. From all the accounts I’ve heard and read about, this seems to be generally far from the truth. They are very often friendly, sociable, caring, talented, successful, loved and loving, and can even be perfectionists. This is what especially puzzles the bereaved. Suicidal people are often sensitive and sometimes questioning the purpose of their lives, why the world is in a mess, whether God exists and feel somehow alienated from the world around them, even when with friends. Some seem to be afraid of failure and of not living up to their own expectations or those of other people.

Despite the fact that that suicidal people often have a lot going for them, it appears they have unmet emotional needs. They are often better at giving to others and caring for others than receiving what they need for themselves.

Could it be that we are all souls created with a higher purpose than pleasure and survival? Maybe the frustration and emptiness of not finding this higher purpose causes more turmoil in some people than others. Whilst some who left us were diagnosed with a psychiatric illness, others appeared mentally stable. But something in their souls needed healing or something profoundly important was just missing in their lives.